Schirger Consulting, communications agency: PR and events firm, marketing communications, internal communications consultancy

A team of professionals with a significant experience in journalism, marketing, PR and events. We believe in pragmatism: we propose PR, marketing and communications strategies and instruments that prove their efficiency and, if necessary, we act as a full service agency.

PR Services

  • Press release
  • Media relationships management
  • Advertorials
  • Internal communications management
  • CSR
  • PR Campaign
  • Crises communications
  • Press monitoring 
  • Marketing materials
  • Promotional materials

“I have assisted many entrepreneurs since their first communications efforts, helping them to become a known brand, consolidate their credibility and... sale; today we still work together and we build further on. We work for multinational companies with wide communications horizons: we strive to make their budgets as efficient as the one of a start-up. We are pragmatic in the name of our clients: the communications tools we use might be creative or not, but they are surely efficient and they shore up sales, boosting business development”

Raluca Schirger, MBA
MarCom and PR Consultant